What Others Are Saying

“I heard positive assessments of West Oil Company before we decided to switch over to you.  Your staff is so efficient, helpful and pleasant.  Also I am impressed by the good looks and maintenance of your business property!”
-Ericka,  North Adams

“You are all great people and we are certainly happy with all the service you have provided us over the years.”
-Chuck & Barbara,  Bennington

“I’ve been dealing with West Oil for over 25 years.  You have always given me fast, reliable service at an affordable price.  For my money, West is Best!”
-Ron, Clarksburg

“I would like to tell you, the young man you sent to my house to clean my boiler was a wonderful young man.  All of you at West Oil are wonderful people!”
-Bob,  North Adams

“Your service man was very professional and thorough.  He was quiet and left the area clean.  Thanks for the great service!”
-Tom & Betty,  Cheshire

“Thank you for helping me with my oil budget, I’m at a loss about things like this.  All of you at West Oil are the most kind and thoughtful people I know.  Thank you for the great service!”
-Bert,  Clarksburg

“As a landlord, West Oil has always been there for me, and my tenants.  They take care of repairs and maintenance to my 2 oil furnaces, and when I call, they deliver oil more quickly than anyone I have used in the past.  I cannot recommend them highly enough.”
-Justin,  Williamstown

“Just a note to thank you kindly for dispatching the courteous and knowledgable young man to help me out.  These newfangled electronic gadgets are a challenge for little old ladies like me!”
-Marina,  Williamstown

“To West Oil and Staff, Thanks again!  You all are great to do business with.”
-Bill,  Pownal