Welcome to West Oil Company


  • When plowing your driveway please plow it wide enough; our delivery trucks wheelbase is three to four feet wider than the average vehicle. Also, sanding steep driveways is needed to ensure a safe delivery.
  • Did you know a fully charged heating oil hose weighs about 150 pounds? Help us keep our drivers safe and deliver your oil in a timely manner; please shovel a path to your fill pipe and keep the fill pipe clear of snow and ice.
  • If you are a will call customer – do not let your tank go below 1⁄4 full before ordering your oil delivery; please give us a 2-3 day notice. If you would like to switch to automatic delivery, just give us a call.

We want to thank those of you who have done a wonderful job in keeping a clear path to your fill pipe. This winters frigid cold temperatures, heavy snow falls and tremendous snow drifts have made it quite a challenge for our drivers to get around.

Our dedicated team of delivery drivers is committed to keeping you warm!



Since 1949, West Oil Company has been providing quality fuel delivery and dependable service to the communities of Northern Berkshire and Southern Bennington Counties.  Our customers are single family homeowners, multi-family residences, businesses, schools, churches, banks and municipalities.  Trucking and construction companies, as well as service stations, depend on us too.  We also serve the area’s tourist industries: restaurants, B&B’s and ski areas.

2014- Proudly Celebrating our 65th Anniversary; Thanks to our Loyal Customers!

We offer:

  • Premium Fuels
  • Superior Customer Service
  • Competitive Prices
  • Prompt Fuel Delivery
  • Automatic Delivery
  • Convenient Payment Plans
  • Guaranteed Fuel Prices
  • Heating System Repairs, Maintenance and Installations
  • 24 Hour Emergency Service
  • Oil Tank Protection Plan

Dependable, friendly service and a commitment to quality are not only our mission, but the attitude generated by our whole team.

Business Hours:

Monday through Friday:  8 AM to 5 PM
Mid-November through March- Saturday:  9 AM to 12 PM